Welcome to Basis Services UK

Member of Basis Group, Basis Services UK is an Independent Service Provider with 20 years of experience and over 100 full-time employees offering Technical Services and Quality Inspections to owners and operators of rotating equipment manufactured by major OEMs within the Oil & Gas and Power Generation Industry.

Our Mission

"Tailored Maintenance Service"

Speed, Flexibility and the same Professionality of OEM... at lower Costs!


Basis 1995: Company foundation

- In 2000 Basis Plant Services was estabilished in Florence - Italy

- Exclusive orientation to the rotating equipment services for the Oil & Gas and Power Generation industry

Basis 2000s: Coverage Expansion

Expansion to Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa to increase Response to our International Customers:

- 2004 UK & West Europe - Basis UK

- 2005 Romania & East Europe - Basis East Europe

- 2007 Qatar & Middle East - Basis Qatar

- 2009 India & Asia - BaSiEx

- 2011 Algeria & North Africa - Basis Algeria

- 2013 Lybia

- 2014 Basis Services UK